About Us

A letter from the Director

As long-standing educators, we've been asked the same question time and time again:

“My child is struggling in (name your subject)..... do you know anyone who tutors?”  

239Tutor was envisioned from this ongoing request.  We are experienced teachers who have served in both private and public classrooms or have years of private tutoring experience, and want to support your student one-on-one.  

Not only have we mastered our specific subject areas, but have the experience to lead students into understanding.  Working one-on-one allows for the opportunity to go beyond reviewing content, to strengthening the student’s ability to identify the key information and bring it to mind.  The ultimate goal of working one-on-one with a student is to equip them with skills and strategies to be successful independently moving forward in their academic career.  

Click our tutors to view our availability and to choose the dates and times of your tutoring.  We are excited to work one-on-one with your student!

A few reminders:


Interested in Becoming a 239Tutor?  

The 239Tutor group encompasses the most qualified teachers who meet standards of excellence and are equally committed to serving local families well.